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The organization chart providing the clear cut idea about the management of the company. The chart is representing the working system of the company and responsibility of the owner or employ for performing definite task or job. The highest authority is always with the C.M.D and under him the second highest authority is with J.M.D.

Under Junior Managing Director, the two very important Department are working i.e. finance Department and technical Department. The company is with the production term, so usually these two departments are very important for any organization.

Oswal Machinery Ltd has about 54 regular and 25 contractual employees working-in the company. Company has 17 staff working in the office. There is no regional branch or office of the company. Company is registered at Vithal Udyognagar.

The company has internal audit system. The transaction of the company audited by the chartered accountant Bharat Parikh and Associates, Baroda.

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